Mama Power Gear (formerly Mama Power Tees) is a boutique line of fun, feminine, grab-and-go clothing, gifts, and gear for moms.  Our mission is to connect mamas and celebrate motherhood.  


In December 2013, Mama Power Tees Kickstarter Campaign was warmly received and successfully funded, launching Mama Power Gear. We are forever thankful to our Kickstarter Backers for making the launch possible, but even more for their resounding support for our mission and of mothers.


When my daughter was born, I found that one of the hardest parts of motherhood was the abrupt shift from being warmly honored, thought of, and celebrated as a pregnant woman to being a new mother, someone who everyone expected to silently sacrifice and carry on. In the weeks after my daughter was born, I found myself feeling increasingly isolated and alone. There was stunningly little in the way of community, where mothers could be themselves, relax, and commiserate with others on subjects that the outside world cared little about, but were so very important to us like: How is my baby sleeping? How are is baby eating? Why won’t baby stop crying?


The support of my fellow mamas gave credence to the feelings and experiences that this new way of being brought to bear, and despite our many differences, there was a commonality among us: love for our children, the desire to provide our very best for them and ourselves, and hope for their future.

Motherhood, indeed, can be repetitive, vulnerable, and filled with mundane routines, such as bedtime, play, and mealtime. It's also, however, an exercise in constant intellectual engagement, an unending search for balance, and a daily act of courage. Each day moms of all stripes engage in the vulnerable task of providing guidance and love while sometimes being completely uncertain of the "right" answers. At times we are triumphant and other times we fall to our knees, but every time we forge ahead.


That’s why I founded Mama Power Gear. My hope is that Mama Power Gear captures motherhood in a celebratory light that also allows mamas to identify one another and connect.


Mama Power!


About the Founder:


Anya Tanyavutti  is a mama. She also has a Master’s in Education and has served as a program and project director, strategic planning consultant, and educator. These days, in addition to keeping up with Mama Power Gear, she spends a great deal of time enjoying her family.